Discernment Guidelines

A Guideline for Discerning an Episcopal Nominee
from the North Central Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy
August 2015

These guidelines are to be sent to the Annual Conference secretaries and the newly elected delegation heads of the North Central Jurisdictional Conference.

In light of the need for effective leadership for the United Methodist Church, the North Central Jurisdictional Committee on Episcopacy (NCJCOE) asks that every delegation from the North Central Jurisdictional Conference prayerfully examine potential Episcopal nominees with the following criteria. The NCJCOE recommends that the potential nominee be able to give tangible evidence of:

    Genuine and growing faith in Jesus Christ as Lord
    Practices spiritual disciplines
    Has personally created disciples of Jesus Christ
    Demonstrates commitment to Wesleyan understanding of personal and social holiness
    Models self-care and relational health
    Demonstrates self-awareness, humility, and confidence
    Successful in initiating, articulating, and executing a missional vision
    Demonstrated leadership in creating vital congregations
    A proven record of fruitful leadership where appointed
    Success with creating effective clergy and laity partnerships
    Creation of a “leadership culture” and nurturing of new clergy and lay leadership
    Demonstrated ability to be an innovative change agent
    Demonstrated ability to manage a system complex in scope and scale
    Has experience developing and working with a diverse staff
    Develops effective leadership in staff and laity
    Ability to work with teams (clergy, laity, staff)
    Skill with appropriate delegation of responsibility
    Has successfully provided oversight and accountability for programs and finances

Willingness to be held accountable for results and an ability to hold staff and volunteers accountable, with grace, for their results

Experience with the Annual, Jurisdictional and General Conference, and to the global United Methodist Church


Would you rejoice if the potential Episcopal nominee became your Bishop?
Does this potential nominee demonstrate the depth of skills and flexibility such that she or he could serve effectively in many Episcopal Areas?



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