Episcopal Election Covenant

United Methodist North Central Jurisdictional Conference 2016 Episcopal Election Covenant

A Covenant between Episcopal Nominees of the North Central Jurisdiction


The North Central Jurisdictional Episcopal Nominees covenant with each other to abide by a set of values-based guidelines to assure an election process that models the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. By signing this covenant, we agree with the following set of values:

  • • All persons are created in God’s image.
  • • Unity is one of God’s gifts to the Church.
  • • Elections should be a collaborative effort in discerning God’s will.
  • • Elections should represent the rich diversity of our Church and our Jurisdiction.
  • • Elections should be marked by fairness and respect for one another.

The parties to this covenant agree to the following guidelines based on our common set of values:

  • • We respect each other as brothers and sisters in Christ (no other “label” is required).
  • • In our speaking and listening, we seek to discern God’s will.
  • • Personal attacks and inflammatory language are not acceptable.
  • • Honest engagement of issues is always acceptable.
  • • Unity is not the same as uniformity.
  • • Election materials circulated in print or electronically must: identify the source, be positive (negative comments are not appropriate) and Nominee positions and qualifications be clearly stated in a positive manner.

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