Mission Council 2016 Report

The primary work of the Mission Council is to oversee the ministries of the mission agencies, and advocacy groups, which receive financial support from NCJ funds. Mission Council members are to develop and recommend a budget and policies of oversight for the NCJ delegates to adopt for the upcoming quadrennium.

The members of the Mission Council worked in collaboration with the NCJ College of Bishops, The NCJ Directors of Connectional Ministries (DCM’s) and members of the ad hoc task force (to Facilitate Jurisdictional Dialogue on Connectional Structures) based on a motion from Lonnie Chafin of the NIL.  (see page 26 -28 of the 2012 NCJ Journal)

The Mission Council members spent a great deal of time and energy listening to the floor discussions and caucus gatherings at the 2012 NCJ meeting in Akron, OH.  Several issues became apparent to us.

NCJ delegates are anxious about the financial strength of the local churches and annual conferences, which comprise the membership of the NCJ.

Some delegates want to streamline and perhaps shorten the time the NCJ gathers for their business session each four years.

Some of the jurisdictional agencies, and advocacy groups that receive funds from the NCJ receive very little oversight from the Directors of Connectional Ministries or Bishop’s Office where those groups are located. As a result, it appears they are missing out on opportunities to work in partnership with local church, district and conference leaders who would either benefit from their ministries or would be inclined to support the mission focus of those groups.

Many of the conference leaders want greater flexibility to have access to “start up” grants to help launch projects that can meet emerging needs within the bounds of the NCJ.

This new funding proposal gives all of us the opportunity to step back, strengthen our purpose, renew our vision and open up even more possibilities for our jurisdiction to engage more fully in God’s mission to the world. This proposal also will strengthen the connection with the annual conferences with input from our DCMS and our Bishops through stronger relationships and an improved evaluative process.

Therefore, following our discussions with the College of Bishops and the DCM’s we recommend and seek action on:

1)a new Budget paradigm and 2) the proposed budget for 2017-2020.


Yours in Service,

Bill Pyatt
Chairperson of the NCJ Mission Council
Clergy member of the IGRC




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