Mission Council News

September 27, 2016


The North Central Jurisdiction Mission Council met at the Illinois Great Rivers Conference center September 26-28.

The first meeting of the council for the 2017-2020 quadrenium included meeting new members and honoring the three retiring officers and members. Bill Pyatt, John Boley and Rick VanGiesen concluded their eight year service.

New Grant Process to go on line

The 2016 Jurisdictional Conference approved a concept for a new process of funding missions of the jurisdiction. The council spent several hours designing a new working model for this funding model. This new process will be quite fluid in the first year or so as the new process is implemented.

After a highly engaged planning session, the council approved a multi-stage process that begins with a Concept Application and proceeds to the Grant Applications and finally to awarding funds.

The Concept Application will be necessary to start the process. The application will be a simple four-question form that will be reviewed by a sub-committee of the Mission Council. This group will work with the applicants and may suggest refinements and possible collaboration with other applicants.   After review of the Concepts the applicants will be notified and a formal grant application will be forwarded to the group for completion. The application will then be reviewed and rated by members of the Mission Council and the funds will be rewarded.

All concepts and applications will be given consideration based on cultural and ethnic diversity and their ability to meet the mission of The United Methodist Church: Creating Disciples for the Transformation of the World.

The time-line for 2016 submissions:

October 21: The Concept Applications are due

November 4: Concept review process completed.

Grant applications sent to groups

November 18: Grant Applications due

December 13: Approval notifications sent


An on-going process through 2017 will allow groups with Concepts for Ministry to submit the application for funding for 2018. That process will begin January 15, 2107.



To begin the application process

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