The process for grant funding for 2019 projects has reached stage two. The Concept Application deadline of April 15 has passed.  All the applications are being reviewed and the results will be announced in mid June.  The review committee will then invite the selected projects to complete the final Grant Application.

Current grant recipients must complete the Grant Progress report.  This is part of the process for a grant renewal for 2019 funds.  Funds cannot be carried over from previous years.

To complete the Progress Report

If you need assistance or have questions about the form or process contact Jim Searls (NCJ Communications)

The calendar and deadlines for 2019 are listed below:

1/15/18                          2017 Progress Reports Due (Will send out Request by 12/1/17)

Begin submitting Concepts

January-February        Connectors make contact with 2018 recipients

April 15                         Concept Application Due

May 15                          Concept Review Committee Reviews

June 26                          Executive Committee meets via phone conference at 1 pm CDT

July 1                             Grant Application Links Made Available

August                          Connectors make contact to see progress

August 31                    Applications due, then sent out to MC members

September 12            Evaluations completed

September 20-21      (Tentative)       Mission Council, possibly Indianapolis

Funds Granted for 2018

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