The NCJ 2020 Conference will feature the following Bishops

Opening Worship (Wednesday July 15, 2020)

Bishop Bruce Ough

Bishop Ough is currently serving the Minnesota and Dakotas Area

Read Bishop Ough’s biography Click Here

Morning Worship (Thursday July 16, 2020)

Bishop Tracy S. Malone

Bishop Smith-Malone is currently serving the East Ohio Area

Read Bishop S. Malone’s biography  Click Here

Morning Worship (Friday July 17, 2020)

Bishop Julius Trimble

Bishop Trimble is currently serving the Indiana Area

Read Bishop Trimble’s biography Click Here  

Consecration Service (Saturday July 18, 2020)

Bishop Sally Dyck

Bishop Dyck is currently serving the Northern Illionis Area

Read Bishop Dyck’s biography  Click Here

Episcopal Address

Bishop David Bard
President of NCJ College of Bishops

Bishop Bard is currently serving the Michigan Area

Read Bishop Bard’s biography Click Here

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