Jurisdictional Conference November 2-5, 2022

                    Our Odd Space

Dynamic Worship

Opening Worship Bishop Bruce Ough, preaching

Retired Bishop Bruce R. Ough welcomed the 2022 North Central Jurisdiction delegates and visitors with a sermon entitled “God has us Right Where God Wants us,” Based on God’s question to Ezekiel: Can these     bones live?” Watch Entire Worship Watch the Sermon Here

Thursday Morning Worship, Bishop Malone, preaching

A powerful sermon titled “Living in the Promise”  was the highlight of Thursday morning worship. “We are hard-pressed on every side. But thanks be to God, we’re not crushed,” said Malone. Watch Entire Worship Watch the sermon

Friday Morning Worship, Bishop Tremble, preaching

  Indiana Bishop Julius C. Tremble was worship preacher for Friday morning. Watch entire worship. Watch Sermon

Consecration Service, Bishop Dyck, preaching

  Retired Bishop Sally Dyck concluded the week’s dynamic speaking with her sermon during the Consecration Service on Saturday morning. She issued a challenge to the new Bishops warning them and all those listening—to watch out for three temptations in ministry. The service videos are divided into two parts: Watch service from the start to the affirmation Part Two: Consecration of the new Bishops to the conclusion of the service

Building The Beloved Community

Read the Covenant to Build A Beloved Community adopted in 2021

White Nationalism /Christian Nationalism

Bishop Bard and Bishop Tremble led a shortened session about White Supremacy and Christian Nationalism. Shortening their presentation required them to delete a third video segment with Shara Ruble, Associate Provost and Dean of Academic Programs and Accreditation in Provost's Office and Professor in Religion at Gustavus Adolphus College.

Below are links to the presentation at NCJ 2022 with two video segments. There are some questions for discussion and reflection for the first segment.

Preliminary materials and readings

Definitions and useful materials

Watch Bishop Bard and Bishop Tremble presentation.

Questions following first segment of presentation

Watch the Shara Ruble presentation

Questions following Sara Ruble presentation


Paul Perez and Anetra Jones report on Anti-Racism work through out the North Central Jurisdiction.

Watch the report on Anti-Racism work.


Following the called session of the NCJ Conference in 2021, the Mission Council was charged with creating teaching exercises to highlight the effects of Homophobia, Transphobia and Heterosexism on the United Methodist Church. This segment and the two that follow are the results of those efforts. We encourage you to watch them and lead discussions in your context. Watch Segment 1 Here After watching the video reflect on the following After viewing Angie's presentation, consider these Questions For Reflection.

Business Session Results

Episcopal Address

Bishop David Bard delivered a stirring Episcopal Address, telling the delegates and visitors that “We find ourselves in odd space. We are in an odd space historically, politically and denominationally.” Watch The Address

2023-2024 Budget. Treasure Lonnie Chafin

Reinstate NCJ Comm on Ordained Ministry

Motion made that the North Central Jurisdiction reinstate the Jurisdictional Committee on Ordained Ministry Passed Yes 139  No 12 Read the Resolution

Ethics Code for Delegates

Be it resolved that General Conference and Jurisdictional Conference delegates are fully committed to The United Methodist Church.

Passed Yes: 128.  No 25 Read the Resolution

Leading with Integrity

Be it resolved that, as we continue this period of transition, the North Central Jurisdiction calls upon every United Methodist, as a disciple of Jesus the Christ, to move forward in fairness and with integrity and goodwill to all. Passed 114-32 Read the Resolution

Support Regional Conference

Be it resolved  that the North Central Jurisdiction supports the expressed intents of the Christmas Covenant and Connectional Table legislation, including the creation of Regional Conferences… Passed. Yes 123.  No 21 Read the Resolution

Call For Justice and Empowerment

Be it resolved that the 2022 North Central Jurisdictional Conference of The United Methodist Church:

  1. Supports and amplifies the queer delegates’ call to justice and empowerment for the LGBTQIA+ community in our Jurisdiction, within and beyond our churches and agencies.
  2. Affirms the spirit of the abeyance or moratorium as proposed to the General Conference, as referenced above, until changes can be made in The United Methodist Book of Discipline.
  3. Implores our member Annual Conferences to either not pursue or resolve in an appropriately timely fashion through a non-punitive, just resolution process any complaints against clergy regarding their sexual orientation or clergy who officiate weddings of LGBTQIA+ persons.
  4. Urges that as a Jurisdiction we either not pursue or resolve in an appropriately timely fashion through a non-punitive, just resolution process any complaints against Bishops regarding their sexual orientation or those who officiate weddings of LGBTQIA+ persons.
  5. Supports the election of episcopal leaders who commit to upholding this resolution and who will further justice for and empowerment of LGBTQIA+ people in the annual conferences where they serve
  6. Commits to a future of The United Methodist Church where LGBTQIA+ people will be protected, affirmed, and empowered in the life and ministry of the church in our Jurisdiction, including as laity, ordained clergy, in the episcopacy, and on boards and agencies.

Passed Yes 129   No 23 Read the Resolution

Requested Decision of Law

Read Decision of Law by clicking link below


Celebration, Lament, Hope of People of Color

A motion, that all leaders of color of the North Central Jurisdiction and the entire College of Bishops will meet at least once a year, and more as needed, to share, strategize and develop magnanimous spaces of HOPE, reconciliation, thoughtful conversations and extravagant welcome to all people of God! Passed Yes 131  No 8 Read the Resolution

Three New Bishops

Kennetha Bigham-Tsai

  Rev. Kennetha J. Bigham-Tsai

Biography Watch Reactions

Lanette Plambeck

  Rev. Dr. Lanette Plambeck

Biography Reaction video

Dan Schwerin

  Rev. Dan Schwerin

Biography Video of reactions

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