Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting
of September 21, 2012

Present: Ruth Ellen Stone, Chair, Bishop Julius Trimble, Bill Pyatt, Rick VanGiesen, John Boley

Devotions: John led in devotions on Mark 8: 27 – 30, and the question by Jesus to his disciples – “Who do you say that I am?”

Ruth Ellen began the meeting by passing around a thank you letter to Rick from the Minnesota Annual Conference Treasurer for his work with respect to the new Area.

Financial Reports: Rick reported as follows:

a. Quadrennial Report – beginning 1/1/09. Everything seems to be ok. Costs for the Jurisdictional Conference in July are coming in under budget; budgeted $299,000 and we have spent about $212,000, meaning a savings of about $87,000. We had significant savings by reducing the conference by one day and by using the Ramada Inn in Akron

There are some items that are overspent:
1) The Korean Ministries appears to have spent 194% of its budget, but they bring in their own funds and now have a balance of about $4,000
2) Youth Convocation – we have covered $33,000
3) Religion and Race – has spent $30,146, about 150% of budget, but we previously approved $20,000 additional budgeted funds due to their misunderstanding about the ability to rollover funds. Rick is concerned about their October event and we might have to cover some costs.

On the Income side, Indiana and Minnesota have now paid in full. We will probably get 100% payment from all annual conferences except the Dakotas.

b. Balance Sheet. Rick presented it and briefly explained it, indicating a cash balance of $277,000 and receivables of $57,000.

Updates: We discussed as follows:

a. There is a new name for the former Bishop Reuben Job Center – “The Dakota Wesleyan University Center for Christian Leadership”
b. There is nothing new to report from the new Dakotas/Minnesota area
c. Referrals from Jurisdictional Conference – p. 66 of the Advance Journal – “Procedures for Annual Conference Nominations to General and Jurisdictional Agencies” was referred to the Mission Council for action
d. Referral from Jurisdictional Conference re task force to discuss the future of the jurisdictions

Financial Policies: Rick led us through the proposed Financial Policies:

1. Item # 1, Apportionments, is current practice
2. Item # 2, Accounts, is current practice
3. Item # 3, Investments, is current practice
4. Item # 4, Two Pathways, was approved at Jurisdictional Conference
5. Item # 5, Meeting Expense Policies, is the same as from the preconference materials, Rick just added it in
6. Item # 6, Credit Card, is current practice
7. Item # 7, Cash Advances, is new due to the problems related to the Youth Convocation
8. Item # 8, Budget
8a added to allow saying “no.”
8b add “through its Executive Committee” after “Mission Council”
8b add “In consultation with” instead of “consent” after “full notification of”
8c suggested due to the economic difficulties
9. Item # 9, Carry Over, 9a added to handle the Religion and Race misunderstanding; also add “line item” to 9a.
10. Item # 10, Reserves, is new
11. Item # 11, Honorariums,
11a – codifies what is in the budget
11b – allows for honorariums
11c – NCJ approved
12. Item # 12, Audit, follows the Discipline
13. Item # 13, Contracts, is new and is in response to the Youth Convocation situation

The Executive Committee approved sending these to the full Council and they will be reported more thoroughly in the minutes of the full meeting.

Nominations: Ruth Ellen suggested that we need to appoint a Vice Chair. We will think about it and gather before the full Council meeting

Jurisdictional Secretary: Rick moved that we approve an honorarium of $2000 for Maria Wiblin as outgoing Jurisdictional Secretary, to be paid upon the production of the NCJ Jurisdictional Conference Journal. John seconded. Approved.

Equipment. Rick asked for a file cabinet for his office for NCJ materials. Bill moved that we approve up to $300. Bishop Trimble seconded. Approved.

Agency Contacts: Bill is working on updating all of the agency contacts.

Council Director Position: Rick reported that there is no Jurisdictional Council Director group to nominate someone to serve on the Mission Council. Bill will follow up through the Illinois Great Rivers Council Director.

Liaison Assignments. The committee made the following liaison assignments that will be recommended to the full Council:

Ministry with Young People – Luke Sutton, Joel Carver, Sarah Stevens
MMDC – Harry Askin
Korean Ministries Ouk-Yean Kim Jueng
Native American Ministries Rita Gaither-Gant
Dakota Wesleyan Mark Dixon
Hispanic Caucus Nilsa Saliceti
Urban Ministry Cynthia Williams
Town and Country John Edgar
CCC Lawrence McGuin
VIM Jodi Cataldo
Religion and Race Jeannette Kraus
Center for Hispanic Ministries Gail Burgess
Asian Caucus Matthew Sipe

Backup: Rose Booker Jones and Valerie Mossman Celestin

Next Meetings: Probably October 3 and 4, 2014
1st weekend in October of 2014 and 2015
Meeting with the College of Bishops, September 16, 17, or 18, 2013

Respectfully submitted,

John Boley, secretary

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