North Central Jurisdiction

Jurisdictional Mission Council

 Meeting of Executive Committee – March 19, 2015




Present:  Bill Pyatt, Chair, Bishop Julius Trimble, Rick VanGiesen, Treasurer, John Boley, Secretary, Paul White, Jim Searls, Communicator


Devotions:  Bill led in devotions – Reflections from Larry Peacock for March 18 and 19; Remember Ann Lee; Remember Joseph; Remember Sacagawaia.


Minutes:  The minutes of the Executive Committee meeting with the College of Bishops on January 21-22 were reviewed and approved.  Observation:  The NCJ Task Force (now to be called the Akron Task Force) appears to be in agreement with the basic direction of the College of Bishops and Executive Committee, but they don’t know how to proceed.  All three groups are seeing a need to do things differently.


Discussion on Process:  Perhaps at the September meeting of the Mission Council we should ask: 1) What is your input into possible new paradigms, 2) What are your needs under the old paradigm.


Akron Task Force:  Lonnie Chapin, as chair of the Akron Task Force, suggests that in the fall, after we know the delegations of all of the Conferences, we could convene a gathering and ask these questions:

1)    Does the Mission Council intend to bring forward a proposal for discussion?

2)    How does the Akron Task Force engage the Mission Council on its proposals?

3)    If we conclude that the VanGiesen position paper is wrong, why?


The Why Question:  Rick summarized the positions on why we’re looking at new funding models by suggesting the following.  Much of this was in his earlier Position Paper:

1)    It is hard to see the fruits of the labors of the Agencies – people are trying but Agencies are not always clear on their own vision

2)    Legacy funding generally is not fruitful

3)    Many of these agencies are really local ministries

4)    So, the general proposal is to go from legacy funding of agencies so that they can continue to exist, to project funding

5)    Only 34.76 percent of jurisdictional funds have been spent of what is available


Meeting at large:  Bill asked the general question of how to proceed with the meeting of the full Council and suggested:

1)    We must be prepared to present a budget and proposal to the Jurisdictional Conference

2)    We could/should look through Exhibit A of the previous minutes – the proposal presented by Jodi Cataldo

3)    We need to do our due diligence in the task of the Mission Council

4)    There is a lot of energy around not continuing the status quo


Additional possibilities:

1)    We need to have a discussion of the meeting with the College of Bishops and Exhibit A.

2)    Rick has a flow chart to determine how projects could be funded with the help of the DCM’s

3)    We need to specifically engage the Akron Task Force before our September meeting

4)    We need to know by mid-summer what to ask the Agencies to bring to the table for our September meeting

5)    We need to act on the I-75 Bishops proposal


These items will form the agenda for the full meeting this afternoon.



Respectfully submitted,


John Boley, Secretary of the Mission Council

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