North Central Jurisdiction

Jurisdictional Mission Council

Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting

September 26, 2016

Present: Bill Pyatt, chair; Jodi Cataldo, vice-chair; Bishop Julius Trimble; Rick VanGiesen, Treasurer; Paul White, NCJ Secretary; Jim Searls, NCJ Coordinator of Communications; Lonnie Chafin, incoming Treasurer (1/1/17); John Boley, Mission Council Secretary.

Bill called the meeting to order.

Devotions: Bill read an excerpt from Bishop Trimble’s book entitled, “A Faithful Church and a Healthy World.”

Catch – Up: Bill went around the table and everyone gave a summary of events in their life since we last met. Lots of transitions.

 Discussion of Grant Application: Salient points of the discussion:

  1. The basic form came from Jerry DeVine, DCM of the Detroit Annual Conference with input from Jodi and Jim.
  2. DCM’s need to be involved more than in the past but likely won’t veto grant applications from their own annual conferences.
  3. What period of time for applications?:
  4. Need applications right away for 2017
  5. Have process in place for review for 2017 by January
  6. Executive Committee decide?
  7. Allow full Mission Council struggle with the process
  8. Be sure to have electronic processes

Future Dates:

  1. Executive Committee meet with College of Bishops in January
  2. Suggest September for the next 4 years for full Mission Council meetings.
  3. Suggest: September 25 – 27 in Indianapolis.

Nominations: Discussed possibilities and will re-convene in the evening after the first session.

Reconvene: We will nominate Ryan Russell for Vice Chair, and Gail Burgess as Secretary.


 Respectfully Submitted,     John W. Boley, Secretary

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