Chairman Ryan Russell called us to order at noon and opened the meeting with prayer.  Members present were Lonnie Chaffin, Laura Witkowski, Paul White, Jim Searls, Steve Court and Gail Burgess.

Finances– Lonnie noted that we did not receive 100% from all the conferences.  Our spending in 2018 was a little under budget.  Lonnie will be sending out a report soon.  We have received a request from Minnesota for the funds allocated for General Conference; this would help to cover a staff person and bus transportation from the airport.  We have agreed to provide $200,000; it would be up to them to determine how to spend it.  They anticipate spending $345,000.  Lonnie will be sending $50,000 soon and will send the rest in quarterly payments.

2020 Funding Cycle.  We have set aside $120,000 per year and don’t know how much will be requested.  Concept Applications had been due April 15; none have been received.  We will extend the deadline to April 30.  Jim will send a news release to all Conference Communications persons and a reminder to all current recipients letting them know of the date change.

Sub-Committees:  Racial Healing has moved funds from 2018 to 2019.  Application Changes has not met.  This may require rules changes and would need approval by NCJ so we need to have this prior to NCJ in 2020. NOTE: We are serving as the Rules Committee because the prior Rules Committee was eliminated in 2016.  Ryan, Paul and Benton will work on this. Jim would also help if needed. Budget will be working with Lonnie on 2020-2024 Budget.

Fall GC/JC Delegation Event in Fall: This will be combined with the Mission Council meeting.  Executive Committee, Delegates and Mission Council will all meet.  Mission Council will help with place, food, logistics arrangements. Representation from each delegation will be asked to plan the program; we would have delegation names by mid-June. Chicago seems to be the most accessible.  Ryan will check on Barrington as the specific location.  Dates: November 6 -Executive Committee, November 7 -Mission Council – 2 pm, Delegates- November 8-9, noon to noon, go home on the 9th.  We will pay for travel and food; conference should pay for hotel.  Planning meeting (phone conference) for this event will be July 15, 2019.

NCJ Day of Visioning – Set for Fall of 2020.  Can meet with the College in January to plan for this.

What can/should the Mission Council do following the Special General Conference?  Do we want to put a statement out? We were encouraged by the Bishops not to make a statement prior to the Special GC.  We would need the entire Mission Council to help make this statement, not just those on this call. There was discussion as to what our role is in this.  We represent all conferences and not all conferences agree. Perhaps more important would be looking to the future.  We need to think through the challenges coming up and set up a group to look at alternatives.  Ryan and Lonnie will begin a process to begin looking into the future.

Meeting adjourned with a prayer at 1:30 pm.

Gail Burgess, Secretary

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