North Central Jurisdiction

Mission Council Executive Committee


Minutes of Meeting of September 25, 2015



Present: Bill Pyatt, Chair; Jodi Cataldo, Vice Chair; Rick VanGiesen, Treasurer; Bishop Julius Trimble; Paul White NCJ Secretary; Jim Searls, communicator; John Boley, Secretary.


Call to Order: Bill called the meeting to order and everyone checked in.


Devotions: Bill led a devotional from a book by Larry Peacock called “Openings: A Daybook of Saints, Psalms and Prayers.” Psalm 119; Saint Aidan founded the Iona Monastery – meditation on prayer.


Minutes: These minutes were approved: 1) Minutes of Executive Committee meeting of March 19, 2015; 2) Minutes of Mission Council of March 21 & 22, 2015.


Financial Reports: Rick reviewed the Budgeted Financial Statement and the Balance Sheet. These are the highlights:

  1. Receipts: The Conferences are faithful in their payment of apportionments. As of 8/31 we have received 92%, and by the end of the year we will be fully on track.
  2. Expenses: The agencies have spent about 44%
  3. Agency by Agency review:
  • Jurisdictional Conference expenses: Very little so far, but we will probably come in under budget.
  • Mission Council is a little over, because we didn’t account for liability insurance, a needed audit, and the NCJ Task Force (created in Akron) meeting.
  • Episcopal Committee: will probably be over but they are doing important work.
  • Korean Ministries: The chair is still bringing in more funding than they are spending – ahead by $15,663.
  • Native American Ministries: The grant from the West Ohio Conference has kept them from going way behind.
  • Transitional Assistance: The transition for Minnesota and the Dakotas is probably complete and they have only spent about 75%.
  • Religion and Race: some concern about upcoming bills and lower fees for events.
  • I-75 Project: $25,000 spent and we will get a report before disbursing the second $25,000.
  • NCJ Developers: We just hold funds for them.
  1. Summary: We have a budget of $869,225 and we have spent $384,690.69.
  2. Balance Sheet: We have cash of $751,863.66. Accounts receivable are all unpaid apportionments. Total assets of $778,294.83
  3. Audit completed as of December 31, 2014. Very straightforward since we are a cash basis organization. It will be posted on the website.


Draft Proposal for NCJ Program Funding: Jodi presented the Draft Proposal and Bishop Trimble suggested that there has been a lot of input from the College of Bishops and the Directors of Connectional Ministry that has gone into this draft proposal. .

  1. Jodi reviewed the Purpose, Rationale, Objectives, Background, Methodologies and Implications.
  2. The National Plans are not operating at a level that can be relied upon for funding ethnic ministries in the NCJ.
  3. How to account for another Episcopal transaction by 2020? Great Rivers has been saving funds for Jurisdictional Conference.
  4. Motion by Rick to eliminate from budget line items 58100, 58200 and 52150. Discussion. Tabled to be presented to the full Mission Council.
  5. (The Draft Proposal in its final form will be an attachment to the full Mission Council minutes).


Proposal by Council of Bishops and DCM’s (The Paul White proposals): Jerry DeVine presented on behalf of the DCM’s. Highlights:

  1. This comes out of the meeting of the Executive Committee with the College of Bishops and Paul White’s volunteering to do some research.
  2. Issue 1: Governance: The first 4 pages of the proposal were generally approved by the College of Bishops, the DCM’s and this Executive Committee; Discussion of Page 5 relating to the Mission Council. Questions about how Annual Conferences will do making the elections. This will be presented to the full Mission Council.
  3. Issue 2: Priorities: It will be recommended that there be concurrent meetings of the College of Bishops, DCM’s and the Mission Council – probably twice during the quadrennium.
  4. Funding approach: We must cover the required agencies. There should be come coverage for things that the Jurisdictional Conference is uniquely situated, such as UMVIM and NA Course of Study and Midwest Distribution Center. Have a pool for the rest.
  5. Discussion about resolving differences between the Draft Proposal and the Paul White recommendations.
  6. (These recommendations in final form will be an attachment to the full Mission Council Minutes).


Discussion about the budget building process and whether it can be done at this meeting.


Bill reviewed the agenda for the full Mission Council




Respectfully submitted:

John Boley, Secretary


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