Present: Ryan Russell, facilitating; Gail Burgess, Jim Bushfield, Lonnie Chaffin, Jim Searls, Paul White, Steve Court. Absent: Jodi Cataldo, Bishop Trimble sent regrets that he was unable to attend due to meeting with Council of Bishops.

Jim Bushfield led us in prayer to open the meeting.

Steve Court led us through the Concept Review Summary that he had compiled following the Concept applications review committee phone conference. We discussed whether the Concept Application should include a dollar amount in the future. It was decided not to include this; ideally the Concept App. Is a way for us to evaluate if the program meets our criteria and no dollar amount is needed.

As we move forward with the application process, we need to assign connectors. We still may want to offer a webinar of some sort, too. Having a training module could be available, but personal connector would likely make the difference. We don’t want to penalize those who have applied this year, but we know we will need to work with them. This year it is recommended we grant funding, but we need to list our concerns. (This will make it less stressful as the various ministries begin 2017.)  Alex Plum will be looking at making a video to explain the grant process.  This will be further discussed at January 2017 Executive Team meeting.

Following his presentation, Ryan thanked to Steve for sharing the information with us. Ryan asked him to write up an evaluation of the process for the executive team to look over in January. Steve thanked Jim Searls for his offer to set up Google process for future evaluations. Steve then left the meeting.

It was agreed that Ryan Russell and Jim Searls will send the information out.

Review of Applications

(Numbers in parentheses indicate Concept aggregate score)

Town and Country Association -Agreed to send Grant application.      (8.7)

Urban Network – No application received. Sometimes they work with Town and Country. Contact Dan Schwerin as follow up.                                        NA

UMVIM-NCJ – Agreed to send Grant application. Questions about Youth and young people involvement; are they on board with this proposal?      (10.7)

NCJ Young People – Agreed to send grant application.                              9.1

NCJ Center for Hispanic Ministries (7.9) and NCJ Hispanic Caucus (8.4) – Agreed to send grant applications, but need to be assigned to a knowledgeable person. We need them to clarify their relationship.

Native American Course of Study (12.3) and NCJ Committee on Native American Ministries (9.7) Course of Study is an outgrowth of CONAM. Now we have two applications. Agreed to send applications to both; there needs to be communication between both groups.

Spirit Lake Ministry (North Dakota) This will be referred to the Dakotas DCM.

Tree of Life Ministry Refer to AC DCM. (May be difficulty as to which AC they are from. ** Needs to be on future app. **We can ask the applicants which AC they are from.)

Continuing Consultation Executive Committee: No application received. Has relationship with CORR; may be included with them.

NCJ CORR (8.1) – Send grant application. Has a focus on training, not outcome

Midwest Mission Distribution Center: No application received.

Asian American Fellowship: No application received.

Korean Ministries Network (9.0)– Send grant application. Requiring individual applications in 2017?

Korean Disciples Church – See if they can connect with Korean Ministries this year. What is our plan for working with these ministries in the future? Are we being consistent if we direct them to the Network? They could be incorporated into the Network, but we still would need to know what their plans are. Send to current Korean Ministries Network chair.

New Congregational Developers Network (11.7)- Send grant application. New and collaborative.

Michigan Area New Church Start Network (10)– Send to Congregational Developers Network; they may wish to fold them in to their plan.

Retreat UMC, IGRC Camp and Retreat Ministries, Ellen More UMC, IGRC Campus Ministers, Summerfield UMC, Elgin District of NIC – These will be referred to Annual Conference DCM’s. They are not jurisdictional in scope, but may explore concerns that are jurisdictional-wide.

Grant applications will be sent to all those recommended by the committee.   Those with questions can contact Jodi, Ryan or Jim Searls who will either address the questions or look for someone to work with them.

The following Application Schedules were adopted at the September meeting.

Schedule for 2017:   October 21, 2016 – Concept Application due

October 26 or 27, 2016 – Subcommittee meets via phone conference

October 31, 2016 9 am CDT – Executive Committee meets via phone conference;

November 4, 2016 – Application link made available

November 18, 2016 – Grant Applications due;

All members review and score by November 30

December 1, 2016 – Executive Committee Conference Call, 10 am CST

December 13, 2016 – Applications approved.

Schedule for 2018:   January 15, 2017 – 2016 Progress Reports due

Begin submitting Concepts for 2018

January-February – Connectors makes contact with 2017 recipients

April 15, 2017 – Concept Application due

June 15, 2017 – Subgroup Review Complete

June 26, 2017 – Executive Committee, 10 am CDT

July 1, 2017 – Application Link available

September 1, 2017 – Applications and 2017 Mid-Year Reports due

(Team reviews applications)

September 25-27, 2017 – Mission Council meets in Indianapolis

Next Steps based on the schedule adopted:

November 4– Applicants will be notified by Ryan and Jim S; Those approved will

receive grant applications. 2016 recipients will receive Progress Reports for completion.

November 18 – Grant Applications due

All council members review. ** Jodi to set up system for review. **

December 1– Executive Committee meets 9:00 EST, 10:00 CST.

December 13 – Grant Approval information will be sent out.

January Executive Team meeting will review the 2016 Progress Reports. Ryan and Jim will determine how to send out the information. DCMs will be informed of the progress we are making. Ryan will be in touch.

Meeting adjourned.

Gail Burgess


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