North Central Jurisdiction

Jurisdictional Mission Council



Minutes of Meeting of Council of July 19, 2012



Present:  Ruth Ellen Stone, Chair, Bill Pyatt, Rick VanGiesen, Ann Bunch, John Boley, Ouk-Yean Kim Jueng, John Edgar, Lonnie Chapin



A hasty meeting of the Jurisdiction Mission Council was called by Ruth Ellen to discuss funding of emerging resolutions for task forces to be pulled together to discuss the future of the Jurisdictional Conference.


Much discussion about how and whether these groups and discussions will proceed and the Mission Council’s role in them.


Motion by John, seconded by Ouk-Yean, that we approve up to $5,000 to help provide initial funding for a task force approved by the Jurisdictional Conference to examine the future of the Jurisdictional Conference.  Approved.


Rick and Ruth Ellen in their reports to the NCJ may choose to provide this information depending on the nature and timing of the motions presented.


Respectfully submitted,



John W. Boley, Secretary

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