Important Conversations

Rev. Dr. Jerry Devine

The Rev. Dr. Jerome Devine opened the discussion by introducing historic idea of what race relations have been in the church through history.

Watch his presentation

Bishop Hope Morgan Ward

Bishop Morgan Ward reminds us that the ministry of anti-racism centers on discipleship.

She noted that the Council of Bishops has appreciated the work of Brian Stevenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative in Montgomery, Alabama, and chief creator of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice. He urges four pillars for anti-racism efforts:

  1. Hear and share true stories; in particular, give space to and honor stories of people of color.
  2. Get “proximate” to the suffering and pain of racism and inequality.
  3. Expect resistance. 
  4. Protect your hopefulness.

Bishop Morgan Ward’s presentation Part 1

Bishop Morgan Ward’s presentation Part 2

Truth Telling

Speaking the truth to the powerful and prividledged can be a dramatic experience.  Several speakers tell their stories.  Listen to their stories and see where you might agree.

Truth Tellers Part 1

Truth Tellers Part 2

Bishop Tracey Smith-Malone

Bishop Smith-Malone introduces the second session of the delegate conversations around Dismantling Racism. She reminded the delgates that race matters every day and that our narratives are important.

Listen to her remarks by Clicking Here

Episcopal Leadership

Bishops: From 9 to 8

The Rev. Sara Isbell, Illionis Great Rivers Conference and Chair of the NCJ Committee on Episcopacy introduces the discussion of the episcopacy in the jurisdiction.  Rev. Isbell is joined by Bishop David Bard as they explain how and membership numbers effect the decision around the number of bishops.

Listen to thier presentation by Clicking Here

Motion To Reduce Number of Bishops

The motion by Rev. Sara Isbell from the NCJ Episcopacy Committee reads as follows:

    The North Central Jurisdiction states its intent to elect at its next regular session of the jurisdictional conference the number of bishops to total eight active bishops eligible for assignment by the NCJ Committee on the Episcopacy (BOD Paragraph 524.36), subject to further action of the General Conference, which has the authority to set the number of bishops to which a jurisdiction shall be entitled (BOD Paragraph 404.2b).
The vote on the motion was taken on Thursday November 11, 2021
The results: 
 Yes 142 (92%).         No 13 (8%)

The Future of The UMC

Bishop Laurie Haller

Bishop Haller wonders if God has garbage cans in heaven, but she reminds us to do as Jesus says “Gather up the fragments left over so that nothings may be lost.”  We are sent out to gather the fragements to build Beloved Community.

Listen to the rest of her message by Clicking Here

Visioning Process

Connectional Table Visioning Presentation featuring Michelle Hettmann.  She explains how the Connectional Table is helping to envision the future of The United Methodist Church.

Watch the presentation.

Covenant Writing Process Explained

The Coveneant Writing Process took place over several days prior to the Jurisdictional Conference.  The process continued during the conference.

The process is explained by Bishop Haller.  Click Here to listen to the explanation.  

Top Five Things to Accomplish

Delegates responded to the question asking what the top five things the NCJ should accomplish in the next 2-5 years.

  • Anti-racism
  • Be more inclusive
  • Develop regional governance structures
  • Strengthen the connection
  • Episcopal elections

The chart represents the list of all the considered accomplishments: (Click on Chart to Enlarge)

Top Five Priorities

Delegate responses have been reviewd.  These are the top five:

  • Anti-racism
  • Inclusivity
  • Amicable Separation
  • Regional structures
  • Connectionalism

The chart represents the rankings of all the considered priorities (Click On Chart to Enlarge

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