Minutes of Executive Committee Meeting of September 23, 2011



  1.  Present:  Bishop Trimble, Ruth Ellen Stone, Bill Pyatt, Rick VanGeisen, John Boley
  1. Devotions:  On the subject;  “We are not Alone”
  1. Minutes:  Approved the Executive Committee Minutes of September 2010.
  1. Financial Issues:  Rick led discussion on the following:
    1. Audit:  It would take about $100,000 to conduct an audit in that the auditors would have to go on site to each agency except Reuben Job Center and MMDC.  The last audit was unrecognizable as an audit, a review or a compilation.  The risk of loss is less than the cost of the audit.  We cannot give assurances to the Jurisdiction that all finances are in order in all of our agencies.  An audit is not feasible, even though required by Discipline, and this might have to be explained to the Jurisdictional Conference.  All of this is the result of post-ENRON accounting procedures.
  1. Membership Updates:  Ruth Ellen has contacted 3 Bishops for replacements of Council members, with no response.  Ruth Ellen listed the members planning to attend the meeting and the ones for whom there was no response.
  1. New Area:  Bishop Trimble reported that the Dakotas and Minnesota are continuing to work on becoming one area.  This is not a merger of conferences, just one Area.  The Episcopal residence will be in Minneapolis.  They have requested large funding for technology.
  1. Apportionments:  Rick reported that on the whole apportionments are coming in well.  We are behind about $25,750.49, the only conference largely in arrears is West Ohio.  This might be the result in a new Treasurer.
  1. Solar Oven Project:  Reviewed the request of the Dakotas for their Solar Oven Project in Haiti.  This is a test case for possible new grants.  Approved that we recommend approval in the amount of $5,000 to the Mission Council.
  1. Fund Carry Over:  Rick discussed the misunderstanding with the Commission on Religion and Race over whether there was a carryover from last quad.  Rick’s books say that it was about $2000 CORR believes it was about $20,000.  Can’t go back and open books.  It was agreed that we would hear from them at mission council and determine whether we should provide additional funding.


  1. Financial Policies:  Rick presented handouts:
    1. Green Sheet; requirements for receiving funds in 2012.  (See Addendum B of final Mission Council minutes for final results as approved by Mission Council).
    2. Green Sheet – Requirement for Funds in 2013 – 2016.  Rick presented the two pathways 1) the agency is a separate 501 (c) (3) with their own board and audit capabilities; 2) agencies that aren’t and are really under our umbrella. See Addendum B for final results as approved by Mission Council.
    3. Blue Sheet:  Proposals by Rick about what type of ministries to fund in the future.  We will present to Mission Council  (ultimately not discussed at Mission Council).
  1. Jurisdictional Conference Expenses:  Rick reported that now, the reimbursement is $75 per day, 30 cents per mile, an additional 5 cents per mile for another passenger.  People living over 500 miles away are expected to fly.   Rick suggested that we up the per diem to $100 per day, keeping the mileage the same.   Unanimous agreement to recommend this to Mission Council.  (Per Diem ultimately not approved by Mission Council).
  1. Funding Request for new Area:  The request is for $235,096 for new technology for the new area to encourage video conferencing, etc.  An expansion of the DAVID system already used in Dakotas.  Further discussion deferred to later.


Break for Lunch and Mission Council Meeting

Respectfully submitted:

John W. Boley, Secretary

212 S. Park St., Kalamazoo, MI  49007



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