United Methodist North Central Jurisdictional Conference 2020 Episcopal Election Covenant

A Covenant between Episcopal Nominees of the North Central Jurisdiction


The North Central Jurisdictional Episcopal Nominees covenant with each other to abide by a set of values-based guidelines to assure an election process that models the life and teaching of Jesus Christ. By signing this covenant, we agree with the following set of values:

All persons are created in God’s image.

Elections should be a collaborative effort in discerning God’s will.

Elections should represent the rich diversity of our Church and our Jurisdiction, while honoring the unity of the Body of Christ.

Elections should be marked by fairness and respect for one another.

The parties to this covenant agree to the following guidelines based on our common set of values:

We respect each other as brothers and sisters in Christ.  We will treat one another, and our fellow delegates, as we would treat Him.

We will not seek our own promotion at the expense of the common good.

In our speaking and listening, we seek to discern God’s will.

Personal attacks and inflammatory language are not acceptable.

Honest and respectful engagement of issues is encouraged.

Election materials circulated in print or electronically must identify the source, and clearly state nominee positions and qualifications in a positive manner.

Episcopal Nominee:




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