NCJ Business Conversation to Understand the Impact of Homophobia, Transphobia,
and Heterosexism, and Heterosexism within The UM Church handout

Homophobia – an aversion to LOB| + individuals and or non-heterosexual culture. omophobia can occur
through both direct or overt ways, such as name-calling; or in more hidden or structural ways, such as through
policies that negatively impact LGBTQ+ individuals
Transphobia – A system of negative attitudes toward transgender, non-binary, and other gender expansive
people. Transphobia can show up in many different forms including at work or at school and between peers. It
often manifests in laws, policies, and cultural values that give power to cisgender people.
Heterosexism – A system of attitudes, biases, and discrimination in favor of heterosexuality and heterosexual
relationships. It can include the assumption that other people are heterosexual, or that straight attraction and
relationships are the only norm, and therefore superior.
Navigating the UMU
Reconciling United Methodist Engagement Toolkit
Dr Rev Steve Harper Conversation (Video)
Replenishing Hope: What is the UMC Becoming (Video)
Working with Youth & Families
For Christian LGBTQ+ Teens
Youth Leaders Pt. 1 – Leading LGBTQ+ Youth & Families
Youth Leaders Pt. 2 – Cultivating an Inclusive Youth Ministry
Additional Resources
Terms and Language Guide
MN’s Resource Library

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