North Central Jurisdiction Mission Council

Executive Committee

September 25, 2017

Holiday Inn Meeting Room


Prior to and immediately following 11:30 lunch at the Holiday Inn, members shared significant experiences/highlights from this past year.  Those present included: Bishop Julius Trimble, Jim Searls, Gail Burgess, Paul White, Lonnie Chafin, Steve Court, Ryan Russell, Jodi Cataldo.

Jodi led us in devotions, asking us to think about the movement of Methodism, focusing on the dynamic partnership between laity and clergy.  The scripture reading was from Acts 2:40-47.  All the necessary ingredients for church growth are in the passage. We can grow and be vibrant again if we follow these ingredients!

Report on College of Bishop’s Meeting

Bishop Trimble reported on the College of Bishop meeting earlier this month. Judith Craig joined them, speaking about her hopes for the church’s future.  NCJ 2020 Planning Team has met; Indiana Conference is hosting in Fort Wayne on July 15-18, 2020.  College of Bishops, NCJ Secretary and the Host Committee will work together on planning this.  The theme may be similar to General Conference 2020; we will celebrate the church and look hopefully to the future.  There will be at least one retirement and we will likely have reduction of an episcopal area.  Mission Council will need to determine the per diem for this event; we will need to make this decision in the fall of 2019.  Many other items (including budget, rules and order) will need to be determined at that Fall, 2019 meeting.

They met with the DCM’s at this meeting; this helps to foster a better relationship among all of us.  So much has been happening in the world and it is important that we stay connected, responsive and responsible.  Thus, the Bishop’s issued this statement on racism and diversity:

Events in recent weeks in our country have made evident the deep persistence of racism in our society.  As United Methodist leaders, we commit ourselves to continuing our on-going work to identify, resist, and dismantle racism in our churches, communities and world, building on work which began at the Jurisdictional Conference of 2016.  We understand such work to be the work of discipleship, of growing in love of God and neighbor in the name and Spirit of Jesus Christ who is our peace and who breaks down barriers of hatred that divide (Ephesians 2:14).

Review of College of Bishops Concept Proposal

Steve Court noted his appreciation for the relationship between DCM’s and the College.  He amplified Bishop Trimble’s report from that meeting and noted that a Concept Application had been prepared as a result of this. Just issuing a statement is not enough. Each Conference will need to identify leaders who will convene and plan discussions on racism.  The Jurisdiction would provide funding to train folks (two from each conference) to help them to identify possible funding and realistic outcomes for their Conferences in the area of racism.

This does not duplicate the request from NCJ CORR; but they will be invited to join by Bishop Trimble.  This proposal is coming from the College of Bishops to follow up on the sharing at the 2016 NCJ Conference.  We also have a proposal from NCJ Young Adults that is similar; perhaps we could involve them in the planning, too.

$20,000 would be requested from the 2018 NCJ Budget to underwrite the Training.  We would also be asking Conferences to pay some participatory amount.  Other organizations (GCORR, etc) may be able to contribute to the expenses.  It was agreed through consensus to forward this proposal as a Grant Application to the entire Mission Council.

Request for Funds /Youth Event

            Attempts have been made to hold a NCJ Young People’s Event, but there were never more than ten persons who signed up.  They still have $5,000 that was allocated for the Event that did not occur and used for a down payment.  We think it may be refunded and then we would be able to have it back.

They are now requesting funds to send folks to the General Church’s Event, representing NCJ. The request is for $8,000 to send two adults, five youth and five young adults (cross-jurisdictional) who would follow up after the event.  DCM’s were informed of this, as well as conference youth directors.

It was agreed through consensus to forward this proposal as a Grant Application to the entire Mission Council.

THOUGHT:  Is it possible to have one large meeting of Lay Leaders, Youth, Finance, Episcopacy, Mission Council all meeting in one week?  We could provide music, etc.  (Once there was a quadrennial training event similar to this.)

Progress Report from Concept Review Team 

Vice Chair Ryan Russell reported that the new process worked.  The problem is that we did not get many NEW things.  The applications were similar to those we received last year.  Not all groups received Grant Applications after the Concept Review Team met.

There have been problems for persons writing up proposals, misunderstanding the process, etc.  Not all groups submitted new requests, many did not originally submit evaluations.

NCJ New Responsibilities                              

            NCJ Secretary Paul White noted that our big responsibilities will come in 2019.  We need to look at the Rules of Order (any sent to us or any we wish to make), the rules process and budget preparation. We will set up a group to include two executive committee personnel; there also should be at least one younger person (Paul will come up with the names for this group) to work on these areas.  Much of the work could be done via phone conference, etc. This group would bring recommendations to the Mission Council.

We have one Bishop who has declared that he will retire, but others who are considering it.  If we decrease in episcopal areas, we may or may not need an election.  The College of Bishops will make a recommendation if the episcopal areas need to change.

We will need to determine if we will keep the $500,000 line item and continue to have the Mission Council distribute it.


NCJ Delegation Meeting Proposal            

Prior to the 2016 General Conference a pre-general conference meeting was held in Barrington, IL.  It was well attended and lots of information was shared.  A meeting prior to the 2019 Special Session could be useful, too.  The Mission Council will invite College of Bishops to work with the Executive Committee on this.  The cost of this would be determined in January.

NCJ Treasurer Lonnie Chafin noted that we need an auditor selection committee.  A full audit last year cost $2500.

Executive Committee Meeting adjourned at 4:56 pm.

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