Minutes are posted for information only pending approval of full Mission Council at next meeting.

11:30 CDT – Executive Committee

Members Present: Ryan Russell, Jim Searls, Paul White, Laura Witkowski, Lonnie Chafin, Curtis Brown, Bishop Trimble, Gail Burgess (Intermittently). Ryan discussed the proposed agenda for the full council meeting. There was some discussion about the financial position and how that would affect 2021.  We also briefly re-capped decision on how to deal with grant process. 

NOON CDT – Council Meeting

Present: Executive Team Listed Above, Beata Ferris, Benton Heisler, John Lawson, Chris Winkler, Gifty Smith, Nitza Dovenspike, Brad Bartelmay, Dominic Mejia, Alex Plum.  Absent: Alison Curtis, Douglas Damron, Kristen Korgman, Lisa Shubert, Nowling, Young Mee Park, Matt Sipe, Tyler Sit.

Chairman Ryan Russell welcomed all to the meeting and apologized for not having sent out a reminder of the meeting earlier. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, things have been hectic.

NCJ Secretary Paul White shared that he was still awaiting an announcement from the Council of Bishops regarding General Conference. (Note: Later in the day he forwarded a notification that General Conference will be held August 29-September 7, 2021 in Minneapolis, and jurisdictional conferences will be held November 10-12, 2021.) The North Central Jurisdiction Conference will be held in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Paul noted that this is the POSTPONED 2020 Conference, not the 2021 Conference.

Paul stated that it has been agreed that GC committees and jurisdictional committee members will continue in their positions until the next General and Jurisdictional Conferences (Fall 2021). This means folks on Mission Council will remain on another year.

Bishop Trimble noted that there had been an appeal by young adults when the August-September dates were announced because they conflicted with the opening of schools in the US.  He also noted that 2020 Annual Conferences will not need to nominate persons to go on general and jurisdictional committees since those currently serving will be on until Fall, 2021.

Treasurer Lonnie Chafin reported that we currently have approximately $550,000 in the bank with $200,000 of that set aside for the 2020/2021 Conference and $150,000 held in reserve. We have requested $109,000 in apportionments; some conferences are sending funds in monthly. We have also received funds from Congregational Development.  We have paid $150,000 of the $200,000 budgeted to assist Minnesota/North and South Dakota in hosting the General Conference. Lonnie noted that all our funds are currently held in savings accounts – which is probably good based on the current volatility of the market during COVID-19.

Lonnie asked for guidance in sending funds to organizations that had to cancel events due to COVID-19: what if they are able to plan some other activity? He has not received any such requests at this time.  Chris Winkler moved that funds can be dispersed if rationale for the changed activity are presented and are approved on a case by case basis by the executive committee.  John Lawson seconded and the motion carried, 17/0.

After discussion regarding the 2021 Budget, Lonnie Chaffin moved that we propose that apportionment levels remain at the same level in 2021 as in 2020. (This is consistent with GFCA and other decisions made regarding the delays due to COVID19.) Chris Winkler seconded and the motion carried, 17/0

Ryan shared that we will be piloting a new Grant Process in 2020.  Ministries will be asked to apply online this summer; the Concept Application is being eliminated.   Some groups may be awarded funds for four years, others may only receive one-year funding.  In either case the ministry will be required to submit an annual report.  The current Mission Council will review proposals at a fall meeting (either in person or via zoom).

Chris Winkler reported on the Task Force on the Episcopacy that he, Laura and Ryan had been participating in.

The Future Force has not meet since March.  They are working on the Mission and Vision of the NCJ Mission Council. They have discussed putting together a video to share wisdom about NCJ and our task as a Mission Council.

There was brief discussion about another gathering for NCJ delegates to General Conference prior to fall of 2021.  Some new developments since the last gathering include the Protocol and the development of the Liberation church. There can be further discussion on this at our fall 2020 meeting.

October 8 at 12 noon CDT was set as the time for the next full Council meeting. We will review grant proposals and discuss a potential delegate gathering.

Executive Committee will meet at noon CDT on August 13.

Meeting adjourned at 1:20 CDT.

Gail Burgess


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