Present: Ryan Russell, Paul White, Curtis Brown, Benton Heisler, Dominic Mejia, Lonnie Chafin, Jim Searls, Chris Winkler, Matt Sipe, Nitza Dovenspike, Gail Burgess, Laura Witkowski, Tyler Sit via Skype at 2:3, Doug Damron.

Ryan called us to order at 1:10 pm.

Opening Prayer/Devotion- Laura read from Jeff Chu’s Theology of Compost.

Ryan reviewed the agenda and adjustments to our schedule: End at 5, leave for supper at Pinstripes.  Tomorrow we need to be at Korean First by 11. Lunch there.

Paul White discussed the Jurisdictional Conference 2020 in Fort Wayne, with a theme of WE PRESS ON. He noted that things could change a lot after General Conference. Journal One has an April 1 deadline and will include budget, and other items that usually must be dealt with. Volume 2 will include Episcopal nominees; that deadline is June 25.  That would be available after July 1.  The website already shows the theme and the forms for episcopal nominees.  A map of Fort Wayne and some general information is there, too.  Registration will go up the beginning of February. A video forum will come out in March, all episcopal nominees will be invited to participate. The NCJ BMCR will also conduct interviews.

Lonnie noted that we need to set the Per Diem for the Jurisdictional.  Last year it was $125 per day.  Folks had to make their own arrangements for hotel and food.  Mileage is an additional reimbursement.  Lonnie moved that we keep the travel reimbursement at $.30 per mile, and $.05 for each additional delegate in the vehicle.  Flights more than $500 would need to be pre-cleared. Matt seconded the motion and it carried, 12/0.  Lonnie discussed the possibility of master billing through the Hilton. We could offer the $125 per day or the direct billing.  (Total of delegates and alternates is 190.) Chris moved that we authorize Lonnie to make the decision with a preference given to direct billing from the hotel. Dom seconded the motion and it carried, 12/0. The most we would pay is $125 per person if there is no direct billing.  Those staying in a single would pay the difference in cost.

Lonnie provided a Treasurer’s Report. Operating expenses were at $205,374.  Assets are currently at $500,059.74 (less $100,00 to MN for GC.) 

Five Grant Applications had been received for 2020.

  1. Native American COS:  $20,000 Req: $33,200 out of budget of $82,500.
  2. Water Solutions: $25,000; $5,000 for other conference participants
  3. Hispanic Ministries: $5,000 We need to let them know that we require more clear reporting of what they are doing.  We need stories and numbers.  We suggest working with Directors of Connectional Ministries, the Hispanic Caucus and National Plan.  We also have determined that Garrett does not require documentation of candidates.
  4. Hispanic Caucus: $12,000 with scholarships up to $3,000 for travel
  5. NCJ VIM: $20,000

Total proposed: $90,000 Lonnie moved to approve $90,000 for ministries, but keep back the remaining funds for emerging ministries.  Nitza seconded and the motion carried, 14/0.

Benton noted that the expense for Court of Appeals went way over budget. Should we budget more for this?  It had been approved at $5,000 but cost over $20,000.

What the next Mission Council needs to know: We need to email Ryan regarding the information we believe the next Mission Council needs to know.

Delegate Event:  Ryan reviewed the Facilitation Questions that had been tweaked by the Executive Team.  Each facilitator will receive a copy of the questions.

Recessed at 5:06 until 9 am Friday.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Present: Ryan Russell, Paul White, Curtis Brown, Benton Heisler, Dominic Mejia, Lonnie Chafin, Jim Searls, Chris Winkler, Matt Sipe, Nitza Dovenspike, Gail Burgess, Laura Witkowski, Doug Damron, Biatta Ferris, John Lawson

Ryan called the meeting to order and updated those who had come in this morning on business that occurred.

Small Group Work (9:10-9:55) and Reports (10:00-10:45)

Mission/Vision: Laura Witkowski shared the following proposals as a starting point: The North Central Jurisdiction of the UMC claims its regional responsibility to promote the mission of Jesus Christ in the world.  Vision: Three prong tasks – Stewardship/generosity; order; relevant, contextualized, vibrant ministry within the jurisdiction. Core: Establish criteria for funding, etc (More to come)

Some discussion followed regarding the structure of NCJ that included questions about administration and programming in NCJ. Paul noted that groups not under the umbrella of the NCJ may report quadrennially and be included in the NCJ Journal. The report is not required, but is available to those groups that are jurisdictional.

Plan of Organization/Rules of Order– Paul White noted that there were some small changes recommended.  We can change a rule regarding the treasurer’s reports since they do not need to be quarterly. We can change to “as requested, at least annually”.

Building the Budget for 2020-2024– Lonnie Chafin presented the report from this committee.

-2024 NCJ Conference in Sioux Falls or Fargo will mean more transportation

costs and hotel rooms. (Have added $26,000 for budget.)

-Add a line for Financial Management: Bank Fees, Insurance, Audit; $33,200

-Increase Mission Council and Episcopacy Committee each by $5,000 due to inflation.

-Ministries and Archives stay at current amount

-GC Support paid out in 2020 will be $200,000. We will wait until NCJ is named as a host
(8 years in advance) to begin setting aside funds. NOTE: If we don’t name this as GC Support, it would be available as “reserve funds”

-If we have a change in the number of Bishops, this could impact the cost of episcopal

service.  In the past money was set aside to assist funds to help that area.  We may

want to add this in next spring or it could come from the floor in Fort Wayne.

Court of Appeals was $5,000 in 2016-2020.   It is likely that expenses will increase. 

  • Option A -We can increase $20,000 for one appeal. 
  • Option B- We can increase to $200,000 and this may be more realistic.
  • Option C: We can create an Administrative Fund that would cover cost of appeals and only Annual Conferences that have appeals would have to pay into this. We want to be sure folks understand what the costs of appeals/trials are.   

Discussion of Grant Funding Process will be done during a phone conference. Our next meeting will be a phone conference on January 10 at Noon CST

Adjourned at 10:50.

Gail Burgess, Secretary

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